Tenant Screening Platform - Background Check API - BETA

About the platform

The RentPrep tenant screening platform is a system for landlords and renters to assist in screening and being screened. The full platform is currently under development.

Today we're happy to offer our tenant screening API to other interested parties looking to integrate our unique background check reports into their applications.

Platform Highlights

Feature 1

Simple API

We've done all the hard work for you and make the integration process as simple as possible. A single request is all you need to get a background screening report of the highest quality.

Feature 2

Pre-Built Reports

Your report will be delivered to you in PDF form along with relevant order details. No formatting or report generation required!

Feature 3

Manual Fact Checks

Automated background reports can be filled with inaccurate and misleading information. Our team of screening experts hand crafts the most accuate background reports on the market.


Our easy to use REST API makes it simple to place a screening order with RentPrep from your application. Once we get you set up with your API Key, you'll be able to work in our SAndbox environment to quickly get up and running.

A single JSON POST is all it takes to initiate a screening order to our system. As the order moves through the screening process, updates will be sent back to your application containing order details and the latest version of the report in PDF format.

Contact Us

If you're interested in getting started with our API, send us a message below.